Virtual software testing mentoring

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Location: Virtual delivery

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Programme overview

This programme can support your team members in areas of quality and Test.
It is a highly flexible, customised and targeted approach to rapidly improve your software testing. Mentoring activities can include:
• Short team workshops to identify challenges
• Team upskilling sessions
• Remote engagement in backlog refinement, sprint planning, retrospectives, etc.
• Feedback on artifacts such as user stories, tests, etc.
• One-on-one coaching/mentoring
Mentoring support can range from a single one-hour session to an on-going engagement over several weeks.
It is completely targeted on your team’s key challenges and tailored to your unique upskilling needs.

Sample content/Test focus areas

  • Agile test strategy
  • Testing in DevOps
  • Quality Engineering
  • Test Automation approaches
  • Testing in Scrum
    • Avoiding the mini-waterfall in Sprints
    • Testing user stories and their acceptance criteria
    • Refining epics and stories to meet the INVEST criteria
    • Developer testing and QA testing
    • Common pitfalls/challenges and their solutions
  • Testing in Kanban
    • How using a flow-based approach affects testing
    • Visualising and optimising test activities in the workflow
    • Common pitfalls/challenges and their solutions
  • Testing in Scrum/Kanban hybrids
  • Shift left, shift right, continuous testing in CI/CD
  • Whole team collaboration between dev and test
  • Roles in testing – developer, tester/QA
  • Estimating/forecasting test activities
  • Quality metrics
  • Risk-based testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Code reviews
  • Static analysis
  • (Acceptance) Test-driven development (TDD)
  • Behaviour driven development
  • Test design techniques
  • Unit testing in UI development
  • Testing usability

Bio – Fran O’Hara

Fran has over 35 years experience in the software industry working in various roles in development, test, management and professional consulting. He co-founded and successfully grew a software testing services organisation which was acquired by Sogeti/Capgemini. For the last 15 years he has been providing independent coaching, training and mentoring in Agile and Lean to a wide range of organisations. He has a particular focus on quality, testing and associated practices.
Fran is an international speaker, a co-organiser of Agile Tour Ireland and a co-founder of the Irish SIG in Software Testing – SoftTest. His tutorial, ‘Metamorphosis – Moving to Agile and Staying Agile’, was voted best tutorial at EuroSTAR 2016 in Stockholm.

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